Welcome to the Toddler Room where curiosity, discovery, and language collide!
Our toddler program is very busy and our interactive playroom is full of curious and capable children, tackling their day of discovery.

Children have the opportunity to engage in and develop their:

  • self-help skills
  • social skills (sharing, taking turns, using their words)
  • language and numeracy skills
  • creative skills
  • discovery of self and the world around them through exploration in our learning centers
  • active play in our outdoor playground, which includes a bike path, mud kitchen, and the opportunity to explore nature around them within our garden area.

How to Register: All families must register their children for any of the licensed child care options in Niagara, including before and after school programs, through the Niagara Region Child Care Registry, a centralized child care waitlist system operated by Niagara Region Children’s Services. For more information or assistance with the registry, please contact Niagara Region directly at 905-984-6900 or 1-800-263-7215.