“I couldn’t be happier for choosing Grandview Daycare for my children. The entire Staff truly care about the children and I feel safe knowing¬†they are in the care of these wonderful women and men every day. I highly recommend this daycare!”

“We have been part of the Grandview Daycare family since 2012 and couldn’t imagine a better place for our kids. The Staff are professional and enthusiastic and the program is very well organized with the educational component always evident. One of our children has required accommodation for a medical condition and the Supervisor and Staff went above and beyond to ensure our child’s needs were met. Above all else, we know our children are cared for with love and kindness which has helped them, and us, feel confident about being away from home.”

“Both of our children began daycare at Grandview at 18 months. Right from the initial meeting with the Supervisor, we knew that our babies would be provided with the most compassionate care. The Staff personalize and individualize their care for each and every child that enters the door, making them feel special. They always put the needs of the children first and ours have learned so much from their interactive approach to teaching and learning. We have grown to love the Grandview Staff and feel that they are family. We will definitely miss all of their smiling faces when our son graduates in August.”

“The Staff at Grandview Daycare are caring, supportive, energetic and enthusiastic. The facilities are very clean and provide a great atmosphere. Our preschool daughter is always learning new things and singing new songs. We know she is always happy because when we pick her up she says, ‘I had a great day!'”

“Grandview creates an environment where children thrive. Surrounded with the support and loving care of the staff, they gain a sense of self, knowledge, and social integrity.”

“Sending all 3 of our children to Lakeview Daycare should say how highly we recommend this centre. The Teachers are warm, caring, accommodating, creative, and attentive. They provide the kids with a variety of fun and stimulating activities that further their development. We are grateful for the love and care provided.”

“Our family has been with the Lakeview Before & After School Program since our eldest child started Kindergarten 6 years ago. The program is absolutely fantastic and our children receive extremely high quality care. The programs and activities that the staff provide offer enrichment to our children and we feel the Staff genuinely care for our children’s wellbeing.”

“My children have been attending a Childs View program since they were a year old and we have had only positive experiences. Being a working mom, it’s nice to have a place for my kids to go that they are excited about.”