Health & Nutrition

Nutrition Philosophy

All of our daycare centres have a Cook on site¬†who prepares our healthy and nutritious daily snacks and lunches. We follow the Canada’s Food Guide to meet the nutritional needs of the children.

All staff who serve food have their Food Handlers Certificate and follow Niagara Region Public Health’s safe food¬†handling practices. All staff are engaged with the children at meal time, role modeling good eating habits.

Infants: At the time of registration, parents will fill out our Infant Needs and Nutrition forms indicating what their child’s eating habits, food preferences, etc. Staff follow the guidelines as set forth by the parents. Self-help skills are beginning and being developed during snack/lunchtime.

Toddlers: Toddler children continue to work on their self-help skills. They are offered choices and encouraged to participate in good healthy eating habits.

Preschoolers: Preschool children continue to work on their self-help skills as they participate in serving themselves during snack and lunch time.

School Age: Children attending our before & after school program are provided with a nutritious morning and afternoon snack. Lunches are not provided in this program.